Smile is the most important key ingredient of the life, which is not being added into the lives of people, by themselves as well by their close one, which is making the world defficient in the salt aswell as in sugar (though people prefer sugar free diet). So I utilised the few clippings, pictures, jokes and stuff like this ,which I had,to share with people around the "net", clicking at various sites of only "USE" not of "ENTERTAINMENT". All the content on this website is not mine, some I had received from my freinds and some from emails by my wellwishers.

A very famous poet had siad once in his poem that "a lived like a ROSE is worthwhile and much more meaningfull to live rather than a life of that an OAK". When he said so he meant that the life lived should be for a purpose anyhow long it is rather than an aimless long life like that of an oak. There are a lot of websites all around on the internet which provide you with large amount of nice stuff and mine is "ONE" of them (and will be "THE ONE" soon) to provide you all with the great recipies of life to be lived likeas it should be.

So this is my an attempt to spread a SMILE around.